Elite Truck Washes, Inc. Designs and Builds the most dependable, low maintenance and cost-effective Oilfield and Industrial Truck Washes in the world. 

Elite Truck Washes, Inc. designs and builds


Elite Truck Washes, Inc. provides complete “turn-key” Truck Wash Systems including assistance in site selection, site planning, total construction services and equipment installation.  In other words, Elite Truck Washes, Inc. works with our valued customers from the planning stages all the way through to handing them the keys to their  profitable ready to-go business.  


Elite Truck Washes, Inc. is the Oilfield and Industrial Dealer for

InterClean Equipment, Inc. for Texas, New Mexico and the Southwest.


InterClean Equipment, Inc. founded in 1984, designs and manufactures vehicle washing equipment for Oilfield and Heavy Industrial Vehicles as well as custom designed applications.  The company’s headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA.  InterClean is known worldwide as the leader in innovative touchless cleaning technology.  InterClean has designed washing systems for automobile manufacturing, US Military tank wash applications, waste industry washing and decontamination systems in numerous countries, locomotive wash applications, oil and gas vehicle washing and numerous other specialty applications.

InterClean is an equipment manufacturer that understands the intricacies of vehicle cleaning and the art of effectively recycling wash water.  This enables Elite Truck Washes, Inc. to provide a standard range of systems to fit specific cleaning applications. We use the cost-effective approach in engineering our systems to handle vehicle-cleaning problems, because our customers deserve a quality system at a reasonable price.

At InterClean, AutoCAD 3-D solid modeling is used to construct all of engineering fabrication and facility layout drawings.  InterClean still remains the sole vehicle wash manufacturer in the world who utilizes exclusively solid model 3-D designs. Custom designed equipment packages can be placed into architectural drawings in either 2-D or 3-D views.  InterClean owns numerous patents on high-pressure washing, water recycling and waste water treatment technologies.  The worldwide recognized CENTRI*SPINNER tm patents and trademarks are both owned by InterClean.

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